Pluka: The best value twin-motor plucking machine on the market.

Plucking machines for poultry, game and waterfowl

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The Pluka was designed and built by Dixi Product Design Ltd, with the original concept dreamed up by Andrew Kennedy, the principle designer at Dixi.

In his previous incarnation as managing director of Solway Feeders Ltd, Andrew fielded enquiries on an almost daily basis from poultry keepers and gamekeepers who were looking for an effective, low-cost plucking machine.

Andrew found that the products available on the market at this time were expensive and underperforming, and realised that there was a niche in the market for something better.

The Pluka was designed to meet demanding specifications that would essentially allow anybody to pluck any bird – from elderly users with reduced joint mobility through to less experienced pluckers looking to avoid damage to their birds – without breaking the bank.

We have tested the Pluka at various locations around the UK, working with game dealers, shoot managers, poultry and turkey farmers to push the Pluka to its limits. Even working with damaged and partially frozen birds, the Pluka has not yet met its match.

Plukas are now in use around the world, including the USA.

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