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Q: Why use a pluka when I can wet pluck in a much faster time with my Whizzbang?

A: The pluka is a DRY plucking machine and can pluck dead birds whose core temperature has cooled. You can pluck a bird after a day or week hung in feather. A WET plucking machine is for freshly slaughtered birds that are scalded in hot water before the machine removes the feathers. The wet machines are very fast and probably the first choice for many poultry or table bird farmers. The pluka’s dry process is more suitable for game birds or for customers supplying table birds for religious festivals (kosher / halal).


Q: I have a mixed flock of table birds including turkey, white geese and large bread ducks. Is a pluka suitable for me?

A: No. The pluka is for all game birds and poultry up to a certain size. A chicken the size of a turkey has feathers that are too long for the machine to pull out. There are other makes for sale by other companies with much larger diameter dishes that would be more suitable.


Q: How long should I expect the dishes to last, or after roughly how many birds would they need to be replaced?

A: The machine has a very mechanical operation with revolving dishes being compressed by springs. Wear will occur with use, the dishes will wear out from the centre first. When the square hole in the centre of the dish re-sembles an octogon then its time for a new dish. This will happen on the outside dish (no7) first. Its easy to get spares from and changing them is also easy and can be done by an operator with little skill or technical ability.


Q: How long does it take to pluck a bird?

A: Use the pluka to remove as many feathers as you can in a given time. For example with practise it should only take approx 90 seconds to pluck a pheasant of 90% of its feathers. The rest you can remove by hand when you clean the bird. The machine time for a quail or partridge or pigeon would be around 30 seconds; a duck would be around 3 minutes. Any questions just call Andrew on 0044 (0) 7951 704651 or email to discuss.


Q: Does a pluka come with a warranty?

A: The pluka comes with a 12month warranty for customers from any country.


Q: Is the pluka available with 220volt or 110volt motors?

A: Yes. Please email to enquire about delivery to countries outside the UK.


Q: How long are your delivery times?

A: The pluka’s are made in batches so they are not always available for fast shipping. You can email Andrew on to get an estimate on delivery time. Or call 0044 (0) 7951 704651


Q: I run a small butchers shop in Devon, we sell a 150+ brace of pheasants, plus duck etc through the season. Would this be a suitable machine?

A: Yes. A perfect machine for that requirement! I would recommend the P71 for butchers. In an area with or near food preparation you do not want any mess being blown around. The vacuum on the P71 collects all feathers and dust down to 0.5 microns leaving a clean environment, although it is very noisy!


Q: Can I visit you with an unplucked bird for a demonstration?

A: You can try. Best to contact Andrew or 0044 (0) 7951 704651


Q: Can it pluck live birds?

A: No. That would be cruel, inhumane and very stupid.

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