Pluka P71


The pluka P71 is the best value dry plucking machine in the world. Plucking feathers by machine is easy with a pluka P71.

  • Takes feathers from ducks, chickens, pheasants, quail, pigeon, partridge, grouse, no problem!
  • Removes feathers without damaging the skin
  • Safe to operate
  • Long lasting parts
  • Widely used across the UK and other countries.
  • NEW FOR 2018.  Improvements made to the spring assembly produce a better, cleaner result.

This item comes complete but requires a small amount of assembly before use (approx 10 minutes – all you need is a 17mm spanner).

240 volt, 220 volt and 110 volt machines available. Contact us for more info.

Suitable for plucking ducks, pheasants, chicken, cockerels, pigeons, partridge, grouse, woodcock, snipe, quail and most other table birds.



The pluka P71 includes a wall-mounted vacuum feather collector system which has a three-stage dust filter, making it the cleanest dry plucking machine in the world as well.

The pluka specification:

  • 0.5HP electric motor fitted with a 2m cable and a 5 amp (fused) moulded UK plug.
  • Steel tripod stand for stability (90cm high)
  • On/Off switch with ‘no volt’ release safety function
  • Light-weight – 15kg
  • High impact PC-ABS plastic mouldings
  • Low maintenance
  • Seven long lasting stainless steel dishes with a case hardened drive shaft
  • Over-ear defenders, instructions and an Allen key included

The Wall-Mounted Feather Collector specification:

  • Very powerful 1.3HP / 1100w electric motor fitted with a 2m cable and a moulded UK/EU plug.
  • Wall-mount included
  • Transparent flexi tube with push-in fittings
  • 2x plastic feather bags
  • No bugs, dust or nasties released into the air with a 3-stage filtration to 0.5 microns
  • Lightweight: 10kg empty weight
  • Setup permanently inside a shed or outbuilding or move outside on a good day


1. The Pluka head can reach feathers on any part of your bird.

2. Easy-to-reach On/Off switch

3. Change a full bag in under 1 minute

4. The seven stainless steel Pluka dishes will not damage  your skin (or the bird).

5. Push-fit fittings on the Pluka and feather collector.

6. Wall mounted feather collector fits easily onto its wall bracket.



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