Pluka: The best value twin-motor plucking machine on the market.

Plucking machines for poultry, game and waterfowl

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Dish Only

Single replacement Pluka dish.
£19.50 inc VAT


Set of Dishes

Full set of seven replacement Pluka dishes.
£126.00 inc VAT


Drive Shaft

Replacement Pluka drive shaft.
£36.00 inc VAT


Bearing and Wheel Set

Bearing and wheel set for Pluka.
£36.00 inc VAT


Paper Bag Filters

Six replacement paper bag filters.
£6.00 inc VAT


Feather Bags

Strong plastic feather bags: pack of 10.
£9.99 inc VAT


Hose (including Cuffs)

1.5 metre hose, with cuffs included.
£36.00 inc VAT



1.5m hose, without cuffs.
£20.00 inc VAT


Vacuum tool kit

Pluka vacuum tool kit.
£66.00 inc VAT

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